British Isles

British Isles, The story so far

Here, in the tilled corners and computerised furrows of East Anglia, there are whispers of a land-dreamt, beautiful bio-diverse form of farming taking shape—a re-wilding that aims to allow other species to exist and co-mingle with our own human ingenuity and creativity.

It’s being overseen by Kinna and being developed in partnership with Greg, Henry and Potsford Care Farm in Suffolk.

Our work is guided by questions such as:

Can the land serve our communities again—human, insect and wider ecological kinds?
What skills are necessary to make that happen?
What art forms emerge from investing oneself in the earth?
What wants to grow?

Plans are currently being developed and we’ll soon have opportunities to learn, experience and explore ecological farming and re-wilding at its most creative.

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Hemp, calling.

Hemp, calling.

- calling 2018 - Staverton, Suffolk ©   Perienne Christian

- calling 2018 - Staverton, Suffolk © Perienne Christian