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Who should apply?

Our offerings are open to all kinds of artists and anyone drawn to exploring and developing their gifts in the context of wild land and seascapes. We aim to curate groups with varied experience and perspective to allow a truly multi-disciplinary experience to emerge between us.

Each offering that we make typically facilitates, explores and invites creative response to questions and themes such as: 

☆ What is the language of multi-species storytelling? [Donna Haraway via]
☆ What happens to our dreaming in relation to the environment's affect?
☆ What happens to creativity once orientated to the ecological?
☆ Specific ecological niche and pattern
☆ Physicality and sensuality
☆The local as part of the global

Creative responses may then, at times, act as supporting mechanisms for projects grounded in conservation and development of ecological awareness, through, for instance: exhibitions, media narrative development and artistic publications. 

Plant, South Africa, Zayaan Khan
Mycelium by Zayaan Khan

Will I be expected to perform in The Pathfinders School of Bushcraft and Wizardry?

There is no specific expectation to be or act or do or create in a certain way. We will trust and respect your reality and welcome it as part of our collaborative-shape shifting experience together. All offerings contain a space for creative response, some of which will be in service to specific projects grounded in conservation, exploration, deep ecology, community design and the arts.

What level of fitness is required?

Depending on the opportunity, some previous camping-outdoor living experience is advised (though is not requisite) while a decent level of fitness is normally a requirement.

How much do trail adventures and classes/workshops cost?

Costs vary depending on the specific offering being made, and the applicant's level of income (we have a sliding pay-scale for some opportunities). For some opportunities, we work to obtain arts and development funding to enable us to run things at a subsidised rate. This will be clearly marked where applicable.

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Dispel 2013 digital animation