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In wildness we exist.  A crackling clan we are. A warm welcome we extend.

Our currency is story—yours, ours and those emergent from the deep dark and bright earth. And our business is that of helping you explore, create and live into existence new stories, grounded in action, that offer depth, connection and creativity, and which contribute to the development, restoration and celebration of earth and all its mesmerising forms of life.

To do this, we create performances in some of earth's most marginal and wild spaces. They get us interacting with the local—it's field of value, meaning and form, and they are designed to help you explore and realise the potential of all kinds of relationship—to self, others and the wider web of life. 

Alongside deep moor, mountain, forest and mist, performances are woven with ceremony, storytelling, song, deep listening and dialogue, dreaming, plant collection, explorations of the environment's affect, biology, ecology and traditional land-based skills like stone and wood working.  

Performances help us situate and go beyond in equal measure, and they offer a kind of wonder-filled reorientation to world around and within
Those longing eyes have found their feast, and the time be late
— Martin Shaw, Westcountry School of Myth

For Past and Future Performances

[The next performance we are running is taking place in Sweden]

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